Hassle Free Buy-To-Let Properties for Professional Landlords

Build a property portfolio with reduced risk, no property management, no repair costs, and hassle-free returns - all without the need for a mortgage.

Mortgage Free

No leverage and No interest


No property management

£ 100,000

Minimum Investment

Benefits for Landlords

We take care of everything, from sourcing properties and conducting due diligence, to property management, accounting, reporting, and rent collection.

Accounting and E-Wallet services

We take care of all the financial and administrative work. From handling rental income to managing expenses and paying dividends, we ensure that your investment runs smoothly and hassle-free.

Hassle-Free Investment Solution

Landlords do not have to source, evaluate, and acquire properties with qualitative tenants themselves. We take care of everything, from checking credit scores to the property structure.

Reduced Risk and Higher Returns

We secure a high-security deposit from tenants, minimizing financial risks. Additionally, we handle house repairs and maintenance, eliminating the need for estate agent involvement and maximizing your returns.

Build Your Property Portfolio

With our services, landlords can build a diversified property portfolio more efficiently, thanks to our rigorous due diligence process and a range of properties to choose from.

How it works

A 3-step breakdown of the process

We source properties with high-quality tenants

We conduct due diligence on both the tenants and the property to ensure a low-risk investment opportunity for landlords.


Build Your Portfolio Based on Your Own Investment Criteria

Choose the location, rental income, and other factors that align with your investment goals.


Hassle-Free Management and Dividends

We manage the property, taking care of all the management, maintenance, and rent collection.

Build Your Portfolio Today

This tool empowers you to strategically build your property portfolio with ease and see the potential returns

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See why customers love co-investing with CrowdToLive

Oriol Sanmiguel Peinado

"We discovered Crow to Live through a friend and it was exactly what we were looking for. Investing in real estate with regular payouts and no debt involved is a smart idea. The website provides detailed information, and the process has been straightforward and hassle-free. We've invested in two properties and give it a five-star review."

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Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information about how we are helping landlords?

What is ECMS?

ECMS is a service that provides landlords with a unique and innovative way to invest in the residential property market without requiring a mortgage. Our service sources high-quality assets with qualitative tenants for landlords to deploy their cash, without having to worry about property management.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment amount is £10,000. It allows landlords to diversify their investment portfolio across multiple high-quality properties without having to deal with the challenges and responsibilities of property management.

How often will I receive dividends on my investments?

Landlords receive their portion of the rent every 3 months. This makes it an excellent way to generate stable, passive income.

What is the minimum investment term?

There is no minimum investment term. Landlords are free to sell their shares whenever they want. However, it's important to note that like all property investments, liquidity is not guaranteed.

How does ECMS choose which properties to invest in?

ECMS has a team of experienced professionals who conduct through due diligence on potential properties before investing in them. The team assesses various factors, such as the location, market demand, tenant profile, and property condition, to ensure that the investment aligns with ECMS's investment strategy and goals.