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Empowering Institutional Investors to access the residential property market, expand portfolios and optimise returns

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Due Diligence

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Benefits for Institutional Investors

We take care of everything, from sourcing properties and conducting due diligence, to property management, accounting, reporting, and rent collection.

Invest at Scale

ECMS provides institutional investors with unrivaled access to the property investment market at scale. Our extensive network and in-depth industry knowledge enable us to identify and curate high-quality investment opportunities.

Tailored Solutions

We understand the unique requirements of institutional investors. We offer tailored investment solutions designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of institutional funds.

Robust Due Diligence

We prioritise thorough due diligence and comprehensive risk management practices to safeguard the interests of institutional investors. We conduct rigorous assessments of each property, analysing market trends, tenant profiles, and potential risks.

How it works

A 3-step breakdown of the process

We source properties with high-quality tenants

We conduct due diligence on both the tenants and the property to ensure a low-risk investment opportunity for landlords.


Build Your Portfolio Based on Your Own Investment Criteria

Choose the location, rental income, and other factors that align with your investment goals.


Hassle-Free Management and Dividends

We manage the property, taking care of all the management, maintenance, and rent collection.

Build Your Portfolio Today

This tool empowers you to strategically build your property portfolio with ease and see the potential returns

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Oriol Sanmiguel Peinado

"We discovered Crow to Live through a friend and it was exactly what we were looking for. Investing in real estate with regular payouts and no debt involved is a smart idea. The website provides detailed information, and the process has been straightforward and hassle-free. We've invested in two properties and give it a five-star review."

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information about how we are helping landlords?

What is ECMS?

ECMS is a service provider in the investment industry that offers a unique and innovative approach to property investment. ECMS facilitates institutional investors to access the residential property market at scale.

What types of properties does ECMS offer to institutional investors?

ECMS offers a wide variety of residential properties tailored to the needs of institutional investors. Our portfolio includes properties across different types and locations.

How does ECMS ensure the quality and viability of the properties offered to institutional investors?

Our team conducts thorough assessments, analysing factors such as market trends, property performance, tenant profiles, and potential risks. This ensures that institutional investors have access to high-quality assets with strong growth potential.

What support does ECMS provide to institutional investors throughout the investment process?

ECMS provides comprehensive support to institutional investors at every stage of the investment process. From initial property selection to transaction execution and ongoing management, our team of experts is dedicated to assisting institutional investors.

How does ECMS address risk management for institutional investors?

Risk management is a top priority at ECMS. We employ robust risk mitigation strategies and best practices to protect the interests of institutional investors. Our team conducts thorough risk assessments and provides ongoing monitoring to identify and address potential risks.