The New Sales Channel For Developers

Expand your buyer reach with our vast network, connecting developers to a wider pool of potential buyers and investors

Wider Network

Find new potential buyers

Efficient Process

Save time and effort

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A New Sales Channel

Benefits for Developers

ECMS offers developers a game-changing solution to expedite equity growth and streamline property sales.

Increased Liquidity

Developers can unlock liquidity in their portfolios by selling their equity through our service. This provides them with access to immediate cash flow, enabling them to fund new projects, invest in other ventures, or address financial obligations.

Expanded Network

Our platform connects developers to a wider network of potential buyers, expanding their market reach. This increases the chances of finding interested homebuyers and investors, resulting in a more efficient equity offloading process.

Risk Mitigation

By diversifying their investor base, developers can reduce their exposure to risk. Our service helps developers attract a broader range of buyers, decreasing dependence on a limited number of investors and ensuring a more resilient and stable investment portfolio.

No Management

Our service streamlines the transaction management process for developers. We handle the administrative tasks, paperwork, and documentation, reducing the burden on developers and facilitating a seamless and efficient equity selling experience.

How it works

A 3-step breakdown of the process

Identify Stocks to Sell

Developers provide details about the property, such as the percentage of equity available for sale, property specifications, and any additional relevant information.


Match with Buyers and Investors

Once the stocks are identified and approved, our platform matches developers with potential buyers and investors from our network.


Transaction and Closing

Our platform assists with the necessary documentation, legal procedures, and financial aspects of the equity sale.

Sell Your Stock Today

Leverage our platform to secure your equity sale and expand your buyers network

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information about how we are helping landlords?

What is ECMS?

ECMS is a service that provides developers with a unique and innovative way to sell their residential properties . Our service matches developers with buyers and investors to sell a portion or all of their properties.

What types of properties can be listed for equity sale?

Our platform exclusively focuses on equity sales of residential properties. You can list various types of residential properties, including houses, apartments, etc.

What fees or commissions are involved in selling my equity through your platform?

We operate on a transparent fee structure, which will be discussed and agreed upon prior to initiating the equity sale process. Our fees are competitive and designed to provide value for the services and support we offer throughout the transaction.

What is the advantage of selling equity in my residential property?

Selling equity in your residential property allows you to unlock liquidity and access immediate funds. It provides an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio, invest in new ventures, or address financial obligations without the need to sell the entire property.

How do I list my residential property for equity sale?

Listing your residential property for equity sale is easy. Simply provide the necessary details about your property, including the equity percentage available for sale, property specifications, and any additional relevant information, and our team will take care of the rest.